Design Techniques Limited

Our Expertise

We have extensive expertise in designing microcontroller applications using ARM, NXP, Microchip (PIC12,16,18 and 32 family) devices and have a board range of compilers including CCS (Microchip), Keil (NXP ARM) and GCC (Linux) etc.

Applications are coded in 'c' with critical parts in assembler and can run standalone or under an OS such as Linux or Greenhills. We write our own device level drivers to suit the hardware design. We are a MicroChip design partner.

We use digital simulation during the design of high speed products and FPGA's. This includes the generation of VHDL testbenches and the PCB's board level simulation of PCB traces with IBIS modules.

Analog design and simulation of high accuracy, switch mode PSU and RF (433MHz-2.4GHz) is performed using pSpice

We have a selection of schematic capture packages available to suit our customers needs - including CADSTAR, ORCAD and EASYPC.


Services Available

High-quality, custom designed electronic products, interfaces, microcontrollers and printed circuit boards
Application, device and microcontroller software to suit the hardware
Evaluation of designs against both client and current regulatory requirements
Digital and analogue simulations with testbenches for chipsets and software
On-site technical evaluations and support for products

Products Delivered

We have designed many products over the years, from simple heater control units to cutting edge high definition video recorders (1080P @60FPS). We have long established contacts in PCB production houses (inc. China), plastic molders, machine shops, marketing companies etc. These are a small sample of system we have designed:

  • Video compression engines - MPEG4, H264, JPEG2000, MPEG2
  • Vehicle security electronics (Alarms and lock down)
  • Vehicle remote tracking systems (GPS)
  • Aggregate hopper height sensors (Capacitive sensor - Tarmac production)
  • Industrial controls
  • Remote soil moisture sensors (with GPRS and Bluetooth data senders)
  • Excavator load and height limiter safety alarms
  • Vehicle remote access control (Door control via encrypted GPRS link)
  • Angle sensors RS485
  • In vehicle LCD status display systems
  • Video encrypters
  • Video Recorders (H264 1080P 30/60FPS)
  • Personal safety alarm (RF transmitter to base 433 MHz)
  • Audio transmitters / receivers (RF 868 MHz)
  • Biometric finger print readers
  • No touch hand washers
  • Vehicle LIDAR (IR distance sensors)
  • Drive by wire throttle controls (IC engine and electric trucks)